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How a nanowetworkshop works?

Starting from chemical precursors, a colloidal synthesis enables you to obtain nanoparticles. After characterization, they are either directly integrated in a matrix, or chemically processed (functionalization, encapsulation) in order to insert them in the matrix. A disaggregation and then dispersion of nanopowders in liquid route can also lead to a "nano" colloid. In each phase of activity: Transport, Processing, Maintenance, Storage, and Management of solid and liquid wastes, the particle propensity to disperse will be specific.

What are maintenance precautions to take?

The surfaces of the bench are regularly cleaned with a disposable cloth soaked with water or ethanol that is then disposed of in the contaminated solid waste drum.

What are storage precautions to take?

The raw materials and nanocolloids are stored in locked cabinets. The cabinet displays information as to the type of product stored.