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How a "dry powder" nanoworkshop works?

Various milling workshops produce nano-objects in the form of micronic powders on the NANOMIL platform. If only a fraction of the powders handled is nanoscale, the operations require confinement. All equipment (glove box, sorbonne, mills) must have external extractions with HEPA H14 filters ensuring control of environmental emissions. Apart from the risk of dispersion, the risk of explosive atmospheres linked to the flammability of certain powders is to be considered. Strict maintenance and waste management procedures must be applied.


Nanomil functional process.

This platform supports applications ranging from lab scale (20 g/batch) to semi-industrial scale (2 kg/batch), in order to offer an optimized procedure for a viable industrial transfer (hygiene, safety and cost) by reducing, or indeed eliminating risks

From a risk point of view, the platform is designed to manage the presence of "nano" precursors and/or of nanometric fraction in the powders produced.

Grinding can be performed there on all powder types (metal, ceramic, mineral, polymer) and in all types of liquid media (wet method) and gaseous media (dry method), either inert or reactive.