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Waste elimination

What are the ways of elimination?

The sectors of elimination (recycling, compost, treatment of special waste and incineration) apply in:

  • waste of production of the industries manufacturer of nanoparticles or those using nanoparticles, as raw material (industry of the painting, the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electronic,…),
  • waste of research laboratories,
  • household waste.

The NanoFlueGas project, launched in 2011, deals with end-of-life material safety, in particular the incineration sector.


Elimitation pathways.

Most of the containing household waste nanoparticles are cremated:

  • packagings, cardboards, tissues, plastics,
  • food rests,
  • jars of cosmetic creams,
  • medicines.

What become nanoparticles? Is the filtration of smokes sufficient? How do we manage the worn filters?

The industrial processes of water treatment, waste water and effluents do not still worry about the elimination of nanoparticles. Indeed, there is no adapted rule, thus not still no legal constraint face to face of this elimination.

Are nanoparticles stopped? Do they finish in muds?