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Detection in the Air

What are the available instrumentations to measure in the air?

To measure nanoparticles in the air, two types of instrumentation exist: the specific instruments which analyze some particles or the totality. Among those, it needs to be distinguished counters and granulometers, transportable (monitors, samplers) or portableThe counters provide a global number of particles and the granulometers specify the size distribution. A global count of the particles will be less precise and will not permit the detection of small leaks. Measures may perform in real or deferred time.

221_instrumentationsCondensation Nucleus Counter (CNC) - Scanning Particle Mobility Sizer (SPMS).

In the laboratory (controlled experimental conditions), measuring the concentrations of nanoparticles is possible: different instrumentations, however, provide significantly different results (up 100%) because of calibrations.

Still to be developed is a robust panel of field instruments, low-cost and easy to implement/maintain: fixed or mobile sensors, individual badges for instantaneous measures and/or integrated measures. These developments are to be done to measure the particles in the air, but also in a liquid and solid medium.