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What are the standards?

Contrary to regulations, standards have no legal binding, but they help to define the conditions of fair competition and make comparative analyses of risk.

The working groups CEN and ISO/TC 229 finalized in 2007 normative elements on three themes: Terminology and Nomenclature, Measurement and characterization, Health, safety and environment. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) implements Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials and Working Party on Nanotechnology.


Standards Organisations.

Examples of available ISO standards:

ISO/TR 16197:2014

Nanotechnologies - Compilation and description of toxicological screening methods for manufactured nanomaterials

ISO/TS 12901-2:2014

Nanotechnologies - Occupational risk management applied to engineered nanomaterials -Part 2: Use of the control banding approach

ISO/TS 80004-2:2015

Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 2: Nano-objects