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The “Grenelle 2” law

Following the environmental Grenelle of 2007, the “Grenelle 1” and “Grenelle 2” laws have been successively voted in august 2009 and July 2010.

The “Grenelle 2” law is part of the Environmental Code (Art L 523-1 à 3). The main theme is “the health hazard and the environmental risk prevention resulting from exposure to a substance at nanoscale”. The aims of this law are to obtain a better nanomaterial knowledge and a traceability.

The L523-1 and L523-2 articles of the Environmental Code provide an annual statement of nanoparticles.

Following on the Grenelle 2” law, two implementation texts have been adopted: the decreen°2012-232 of 17 February 1989 and the decree of 06 August 2012.

Since 01 January 2013, the annual declaration of nanoparticles is mandatory.

The decreeis relating to the annual declaration of substance at nanoscale. It specifies the fields of the declaration:

  • annual declaration from 100 grams/year,
  • nature of declarants,
  • opportunity to make confidentiality request.