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Activity phases

How to differentiate “nano” working situations?

The types of "nanomaterial"  working situations are characterized by the state of particles during the considered phase and the level of integration of nano-objects on the surface or inside the volume. For each, different phases of activity take place successively: Storing/Warehousing, Loading/Unloading, Characterization, Production/Transformation, Maintenance/Cleanliness, Packaging/Transport.


Different types of workshops and phases of activities.

In the first approach, there are 5 types of workshops:

  • powder metallurgy (particles, wires, tubes) free in a dry route,
  • soluble colloids in a wet route (chemical),
  • the growth of nano-objects (particles, tubes, wires) fixed on a support,
  • the deposit of nanolayers fixed on a surface,
  • integration of nanoparticles in a structure, synthesis in situ or nanostructured by deformation. 

In each phase of activity, a workshop could implement successively the states of particles of specific dangerousness and should therefore be subject to appropriate prevention measures.