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"Novel food"

What is novel food?

“Novel food” includes products containing nanoparticles and nanoparticular food products. The production process of these products is not widely used and it generates significant changes in the food structure (metabolism, nutritional value or level of an undesirable substances). They are subjected tothe EU regulatory requirements relative to novel food and novel food ingredients ((EC) regulations n°258/97 and 2015/2283).


Novel food?

The device of evaluation of the safety of using the new food before their individual authorization is very complete, in particular on toxicological, toxicokinetic and nutritional aspects. This regulation in its current formulation can cover the developments of nanotechnologies in foodstuffs.

As regard on food information to consumers, the (EU) regulation n°1669/2011 plans a systematic labelling of nanoparticular ingredients in all Europe.