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Risk Management Systems

At the industrial level, Risk Management Systems (RMS) aim to increase safety in relation to the manufacturing, production and use of nanotechnologies. Specific guidelines and best practices with reference to risk management and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) issues are provided. RMS do not have a regulatory role, and, as in the case of certification/accreditation, can work similarly to product quality certification systems.

AssuredNano® was established in 2008 in UK by collaboration between the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM). It is a Health, Safety and Environment (EHS) accreditation scheme for organizations producing nanomaterials, nano-enabled products and users of nanotechnology in general.

CENARIOS® has been developed in 2007 in collaboration with TÜV SÜD Industry Service (Munich) and the Innovation Society, St.Gallen, the first certifiable nanospecific risk management and monitoring system. As a fully voluntary measure in risk management, the CENARIOS® system complements existing parts of a risk management system and introduces specific requirements to responsibly and safely handle manufactured nanomaterials in production, processing and along the value chain.

Stoffenmanager Nano is an internationally accepted Exposure Assessment and Control Banding tool. It is a free-of-charge internet based instrument developed by ArboUnie, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO   and BECO with funding from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of The Netherlands. The Stoffenmanager is a generic tool initially developed for SME’s to support them in assessing, prioritizing and controlling risks from chemicals at the workplace. It supports companies in performing a risk assessment and controlling exposure by taking proper risk management measures.

GoodNanoGuide which is not properly a Risk Management System, is a collaboration platform designed to enhance the ability of experts to exchange ideas on how best to handle nanomaterials in an occupational setting. It is meant to be an interactive forum that fills the need for up-to-date information about current good workplace practices, highlighting new practices as they develop. GoodNanoGuide is supported by ICON, NanoTech BC, nano Alberta, nano Quebec, IRSST and NIOSH.