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Risk factors

What is a toxic risk?

The toxic risk is due to two factors: the inherent toxicity of a product and the level of exposure of persons. The risk also depends on the individual susceptibility. The nature of the processes and procedures determine the possibility that nanoparticles come into contact with the organism. The quality of confinement, the means of protection, and the procedures allow us to reduce the potential risk

In the absence of stable data on toxicity, controlling the health risk is based on controlling the exposure, which should be as limited as possible.


Risk level assessment.

The global evaluation of the professional risk is prescribed to all employers by the Labour Code Article L.230-2 and Decree 2001-1016, 5 November 2001 (EEC Directive 89-391). An employer who uses dangerous chemicals must also ensure a level of exposure as low as possible: Decree 2003-1254 of 23 December 2003 (ECE 98-24, 99-38 and 90-394). 

Following the judgements of the Court of Cassation (28.02.2002) on asbestos, the employer, with respect to its employees, has an obligation of results in security matters even in the absence of specific regulations.

The employer must take precautionary measures that require prudence, and may propose protective equipment in order to preserve the health of its personnel (L 122-45 Labour Code).