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Cartoons - how to use it?

9 episodes of Nanosmile Show are designed in order to be understandable by public at large. Most important information relative to 9 basic nanotechnology issues are proposed within 4 minutes:

Each of 9 episodes ends with most important information to remain followed by one or two opened questions in order to initiate thinking and engage dialogue with audience.

Nice viewing and fruitful dialogue!

Authors NaylaFarouki (Philosopher - GIANT) | Marie Carriere (Toxicologist - DSM CEA Saclay) | Roland Pasternak (Science / Society interaction - MINATEC) | Yves Sicard (Nanosafety scientific advisor UJF LITEN) Steering Comittee Jean Philippe Bourgoin (Nanosciences Transversal Program Responsible CEA) | François Tardif (Director LCSN, DTNM, LITEN) Conception Graphics : Jonathan Courat|Scenograpy : Jacques Bocquet et Yves Sicard Realisation Actors : Catherine Jeanneret, Kathleen Lewis, Christian Séruzier| Sound recording : Olivier Garde| Sound and image editing : François Garde| Music : « Passepied » de Claude Debussy | Piano : Marie-Bénédicte Cohu Project direction Yves Sicard (Nanosafety scientific advisor UJF LITEN) Production DECALOG, Manhattan Studio Productions | CEA - NanoInnov - Safety of nanoparticles.