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Environment confinement

Environment protection principles

The source of danger must be confined from the environment by filtering the air extracted from the workplace or equipment, and by implementing methods to dispose of the waste resulting from the manipulation. 

The ventilation/filtration device must ensure that the ambient air is extracted from the first barrier located closest to the source of danger, or by default, the ambient air of the room is extracted. The simultaneous extraction of air from the first and second barrier is an optimal goal.


Ventilated equipment's.

On the other hand, depending on the risk assessment in the workplace, filtering of the extracted air before its release into the environment will be studied. This filtration will be provided by filters of type Very High Efficiency (99.99 %).

The ongoing operation of the ventilation device associated with the first barrier, or an additional device, must be ensured as soon as the confinement of the first static barrier is no longer operational. In case of a malfunctioning of this ventilation, an alarm should allow the evacuation of personnel following guidelines established beforehand.