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On the flora

Direct and indirect effects on Flora?

The indirect effects concern the pollutions caused by pollutants conveyed by nanoparticles. Concerning the direct effects, plants could absorb the nanoparticles present in the ground via their root system and those present in the air via their stomates.

Several mechanisms would then be studied: the transportation, the evolution of the properties of nanoparticles and pollutants, the toxicology of these complexants, etc.


On the flora.

Many researches focus on flora impact of nanomaterials. Nanomaterials could generate an increase of mortality, a decrease of photosynthesis or DNA damages [W-M. Lee et al., Chemosphere 91 (2013) 536-544 / N. Gong et al., Chemosphere 83 (2011) 510-516 / M.A. Maurer Jones et al., Analytical Chemistry 85 (2013) 3036-3049 / H. Ma et al., Environmental Pollution 172 (2013) 76-85]. However, the results are sometimes contradictory. These differences can be attributed to methodological considerations. Currently, there are no standardized protocols to take ecotoxicity tests with nanomaterials.