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Detection in the Air

What are the available instrumentations to measure in the air?

To measure nanoparticles in the air, two types of instrumentation exist: the specific instruments which analyze some particles or the totality. Among those, it needs to be distinguished counters and granulometers, transportable (monitors, samplers) or portableThe counters provide a global number of particles and the granulometers specify the size distribution. A global count of the particles will be less precise and will not permit the detection of small leaks. Measures may perform in real or deferred time.


Specific measures.

If the characteristics of the powders produced are known, one detects a possible contamination:

  • by a formal solution in a liquid environment of the particles collected, followed by a continuous analysis by chromatography,
  • by sampling on a filter, or in a liquid, of the particles suspended in the air for later analysis in the laboratory. The sample may be total (all particles are held on a single filter) or segmented (particles are selected according to their size class).