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Training session

Formations at the INSTN Grenoble, contact: instn.grenoble@cea.fr

Individual certifications:


Update its knowledge and obtain the latest available data concerning:

  • the identification and the potential nanomaterial risk assessment,
  • the organization of the worker safety and health preservation.


  • any person required to take part in a workstation analysis implemented nanomaterials and/or the establishment of rules of good practice, the safety instructions.


  • performed the initial training NanoPrev,
  • the examination will be engaged in only with NanoPrev certified persons.


  • the monitoring of learning success allows to obtain the Nano-CERT certification delivered by INERIS (voluntary certification - Nano-CERT).


  • definitions,
  • applications and sectors: evolution,
  • toxicology and ecotoxicology: advances in knowledge,
  • life cycle: which type of exposure?
  • regulatory watch,
  • workstation analysis: what tools?
  • prevention / good practice: available resources and guides,
  • pratical application / control banding case studies and operational situation analysis,
  • examination (MCQ).