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Training session

Formations at the INSTN Grenoble, contact: instn.grenoble@cea.fr

Individual certifications:


  • identify and understand the potential risks relating to operations performed at the workstation,
  • apply the safety instructions of its workstation,
  • adopt the godd behavior in a deteriorated situtation.


  • any person having contact and/or manipulate nanomaterials,
  • research, industrial, institutionnal, industrial organizations  (research, formulation, production activities...).


  • the monitoring of learning success allows to obtain the Nano-CERT certification delivered by INERIS (voluntary certification - Nano-CERT).


  • Nano-CERT: aims and conditions,
  • socio-economic issues and applications,
  • dangers and risks: basic definitions,
  • health potential risks,
  • technological risks,
  • potential risk prevention and good hygiene, security and environmental protection practices,
  • measurements on workstation,
  • useful references.