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Activity phases

How to differentiate “nano” working situations?

The types of "nanomaterial"  working situations are characterized by the state of particles during the considered phase and the level of integration of nano-objects on the surface or inside the volume. For each, different phases of activity take place successively: Storing/Warehousing, Loading/Unloading, Characterization, Production/Transformation, Maintenance/Cleanliness, Packaging/Transport.


Bonding force and state of particles.

Regarding inhalation, the dangerousness of nanoparticles depends on their propensity to be dispersed according to the fact that they are: 

  • free in the air as an aerosol (powder),
  • in solution in a liquid (colloid),
  • deposited on gel or integrated in a matrix that can deteriorate, wires or tubes fixed to a surface,
  • integrated in a solid matrix by a strong bond, particles or layers on a surface.

With regard to skin exposure, the possibility of penetration by contact with nanoparticles will depend on the precautions implemented but also on the state of the particles: a gel will be more "sticky" than a powder.