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Nano ?


Nano-objects (particles, fibers, plates, tubes,...) are entities with at least one dimension is smaller than 100 nanometers. These entities are the basis for the formation of nano-structured materials on the surface or in volume. They are passive or active as nanodevices. This website deals the risks associated with nanomaterials without covering the wider field of nanotechnologies.
Cartoons Episode 1

SEM image of PLA-CNT fibre composite [H. Yue et al., Scientific Reports 5 (2015)].

Specific physical properties are obtained by structuring materials using nanometric entities. A surface treatment, for example, may give a material:

  • an hydrophobic and self-cleaning property (lotus leaf effect),
  • a sticking capacity (mimetic of the gecko),
  • an increase of the hardness (anti-stripes),
  • resistance to abrasion (cutting tool).

Nanometric reinforcements (particles, wires, tubes) are inserted in a three-dimensional matrix (or nano-flaky structures) can give this material mechanical, optical, sealing, thermal conductivity or electrical properties. We make out these nanocomposites by the kind of organic matrix, polymer, metallic or ceramic.