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Rules for nanoparticle transportation

In the absence of specific regulations on this matter, the prevention dispositions described below will follow the current rules and in particular the European Agreement concerning the international transport of dangerous goods (ADR) for transportation on public roads and the internal CEA rules for the transport inside a CEA site.


Pictograms and double barrier.

In the case of transport on public roads, nanomaterials will be assimilated into the category of low to high toxic materials (6.1). Their transportation may be carried out only by road or air, sending by mail envelope is prohibited. The dispositions to be followed are as follows:

  • putting nanomaterials in a container providing the first barrier of confinement (bottles, box, etc.),
  • placing the container in an ADR approved package,
  • putting regulatory labels on the approved package (No. UN2811 or UN3288 and toxic pictogram),
  • completing the load declaration for dangerous materials in accordance with the CEA/Grenoble security note No. 41,
  • the declaration is to be given to the carrier at the same time as the package.

In case of waste shipment, if the "nano" risk is the only risk, the number UN2811 or UN3288 must appear on the Monitoring of Dangerous Wastes Form and label 6.1 should appear on the packaging as an associated risk. If it is not the only risk, the packaging should include the label 6.1, in addition to the danger labels of other risks.

In all cases, shippers should consult the transport correspondent of their unit or the correspondent of the security adviser of their transport center.