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Personal confinement

Confinement principles

The confinement of potentially dangerous sources as regards operators is assured by the principle of barriers. Depending on the level of risk, one or two barriers are present between the source of danger and the operator. The elements that compose a barrier can be: a surrounding wall, an oven, a closed system, a ventilated hood, or a sorbonne, a glove box, or personal protection equipment.


Glove box with ventilation.


Glove box.

The use of the glove box (BAG) allows you to integrate the two barriers of confinement during the design of the device. The first barrier is represented by a static confinement (watertight walls) and the second by the dynamic confinement (depression). In addition, a BAG can control the atmosphere inside the surrounding wall in particular by making it inert as regards the risk of ignition of certain powders.