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Equipment efficiency

Are personal and collective protections effective?

As part of the European projects SCAFFOLD and NANOSAFE 2, the NanoSafety team of CEA Grenoble evaluated the effectiveness of existing personal and collective protection facing an exposure to nanoparticles (jackets, gloves, filters). Studies realized by the "Ecole de technologie supérieure of Montreal" concerned the effects of nanoparticles on gloves and protective clothing.

Pattern of the device used to study the nanoparticles-gloves interaction [L. Vinches et al., Nanoscience Methods 2 (2013) 1-15].

L. Vinches et al. have studied the efficiency of protective gloves (nitrile, butyl) under condition simulating practical use [L. Vinches et al., Nanoscience Methods 2 (2013) 1-15].

This device is composed of an exposure chamber and a sampling chamber, separated by the sample.

The nanoparticles are introduced in the exposure chamber and placed in contact with the external surface of the sample. The gloves are exposed simultaneously to powders or colloidal solutions and dynamic mechanical strains. These mechanical strains are generated by a probe which is installed on a pneumatic system. Every 5 minutes, a deformation is generated.