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Growth process

How a growth process” nanoworkshop works?

The growth of nanotubes or nanowires is obtained by chemical vapor deposition in a confined reactor. The break down of the substrate (preparation) may disperse a few particles. Some characterization techniques can damage the sample. The daily cleaning is done with the reactor closed, but some maintenance with the reactor open are needed each year. The particles/substrate liaison of the samples is high (low risk of inhalation) provided shocks, destruction, or contacts are avoided. The operations of transfert of samples are therefore done with shields and their destruction are made with waste elimination.


Break down operation.

The preparation of samples to be characterized requires an average of around twenty splits per week. This cutting-out from the silicon support may cause damage to some of the nanostructures, and thus lead to the scattering of several nanoparticles. The use of collective protection equipments is worn to protect from any inhalation risk. The use of gloves, lab coats and safety goggles protects the operator from risks to the skin. Measurements are currently taken at the workplace and in the glovebox, to determine the levels of nanoparticles emitted by these splitting operations.