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Facing a danger?

How to qualify the different attitudes towards a potential risk?

There are several ways to face a presume risk. The succession of the following questions allowto distinguish different types of possible attitude.


The seven types of behaviors when faced to risk.

  • appropriate attitude facing a well known risk,
  • perfectible attitude: follow-up of the actions to be put in place or to be reinforced,
  • inappropriate  attitude: failure to comply with existing regulations,
  • application of the precautionary principle and relevant follow-up of the actions,
  • perfectible application of the precautionary principle: follow-up of the actions to be reinforced or to be put in place,
  • inappropriate attitude: lack of action using a lack of knowledge as an excuse,
  • foolhardiness in face of danger.

The CEA "nano" best practices recommend the behavior described in the scenario No. 4.