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Critical phases

What are critical phases?

Evaluate the life cycle of nanoproducts is based on the identification of possible risks from the design to the destruction or recycling. Various phases may generate "free" nanoparticles at the level of:

  • processes: rejection of nanopowders or of nanomaterials from manufacturing industries (production, storing and transportation), potential accidents, dismantling of installations,
  • products: ageing, human interventions, destruction and/or recycling of out of service products.

The products containing engineered nanomaterials endure during their lifetime degradations. These degradations are likely to generate ejection of particles. The matrices containing the nanomaterials may be disturb mechanically by the machining or chemically by dissolution [S. Hirth et al., Journal of Nanoparticle Research 15 (2013)].

An intervention for maintenance or works on a nanostructured surface (hydrophobic, in concrete, or consisting of luminous diodes) must be made to protect maintenance personnel but also the local residents and the environment from the possible projections of particles.

Emerging structure-property relationships for intermediate structures during degradation, starting from the intact nanocomposite [S. Hirth et al., Journal of Nanoparticle Research 15 (2013)].