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Critical phases

What are critical phases?

Evaluate the life cycle of nanoproducts is based on the identification of possible risks from the design to the destruction or recycling. Various phases may generate "free" nanoparticles at the level of:

  • processes: rejection of nanopowders or of nanomaterials from manufacturing industries (production, storing and transportation), potential accidents, dismantling of installations,
  • products: ageing, human interventions, destruction and/or recycling of out of service products.

CENTURA DTNM, CVD process and Sol-Gel Technology.

In production phase, nanopowders are strictly confined in a reactor. However, precautions are required when collecting, storing, and conditioning particles (particularly in "dry route" for which the risk of dispersion in the air is high).

Direct releasesof nanomaterials are possible, as an example when powders are used thoughtlessly during transport accidents or reversals. An indirect release of production sites into a river is concevaible via treated or untreated waste water [F. Gottschalk et al., Journal of Environmental Monitoring 13 (2011) 1145-1155].